Unfortunately, the market is full of writing services that are incredibly misleading. While each website will promise to offer excellent papers that are guaranteed to bring benefits to your academic life, the truth is, many will disappoint you. Whether you receive a subpar product or fall victim to a scam, there are plenty of chances for things to go wrong.

Here at All top reviews website, we aim to guide students towards the best options on the market and to show them which essay writing service is the best. We always make sure to provide accurate reviews that take all aspects of our first-hand experiences with these services into consideration. Let’s see 5 essay writing services that you should avoid.


Coming with one of the worst displays of writing we have ever seen, there is no redeeming quality to be found here. After all, there is not much to do when the core of your business fails. Our paper was full of mistakes in areas such as grammar, spelling, composition, and punctuation. As if it wasn’t enough, the customer service provided us with another awful experience, as the staff was unresponsive and evasive, probably hoping that we would eventually stop trying to get a refund or have our paper rewritten. While it is not fraud or scam, your money will be wasted in a similar fashion - the product you are given here is in no way useable.


The claim of having Ph.D. graduates as writers will quickly be proven false as soon as you get your hands on one of the website’s papers – the writers used are almost certainly not very experienced with the language, as you will see from the grammar and word usage errors. We also found the resources and language used too simplistic for the college paper ordered. Service prices were high, with no promo code or any other discounts available for new customers.


Similarly to what many customer reviews on websites unrelated to the company say, the writing quality makes papers here difficult to use by anyone even remotely interested in their grades. You will find grammar mistakes, incorrect word usage and faulty sentence structures all over the place. Even if you were to spend hours fixing that, you would still be left with a paper that is based on poor resources. Unsurprisingly, the same lack of interest in quality was to be seen with the customer service as well, which did nothing but ignore our requests until we gave up. When you bring the high prices into the conversation as well, it becomes quite clear that there is no redeeming quality to be found here.


A combination of poor writing done by employees lacking experience with the English language and ineffective customer support will ultimately lead to a product that is impossible to use. Our paper was full of mistakes, to the point where rewriting everything from scratch would have been a better option. Testimonials are clearly fake on the website, while customer service was unable to do anything but waste our time. All of this adds up to a poor rating that not even low prices can save.


It did not take long for us to realize that the writers used here are not native English speakers. After the bidding process that gives the website  its name, even our best option showed weaknesses when it came to the language.

Our concern turned out to be well founded, as the paper reflected the typical mistakes that appear due to lack of experience. Prices were ultimately average for the market, yet coupon codes or other forms of discounts were missing.