Archetype was invented by Carl Jung, and he theorized that human beings have a shared unconscious, that is deposits of regularly repeated know-hows of humankind. Thus is a type of readiness towards reproducing same mythical notions. This collective memory of skills has resulted into a reverberation of concepts such as heroine and hero which go beyond time, culture or else place. Carl called this type of recurring traits archetype.

All through life, humanity meet numerous individuals with diverse characters, instincts, interests, as well as morals, that in overall sums up a person’s unique personality as well as effects their role within the globe. Normally, times event do play a vital part in determining who we actually are, plus vice versa, who we actually are plays a vital role in determining what we do. In simple terms, the individual we are impacts our actions as well as explain the different paths we partake. In regard to Zadie Smith’s novel “White Teeth”, we see numerous characters with intricate character archetypes which explain the characters undertakings and permit the readers to apprehend the reasoning following their engagements better.  In our essay, we are going to concentrate on the character Samad Miah Iqbal and his character archetype will be Cheater, Cheater, and Wife Beater. A cheater is a person who is unfaithful to his partner or else spouse.   

Samad Iqbal is Archie’s friend and a World War II trouper with a crippled hand. He was born and raised in Bangladesh. 1st up on line of individuals that Samad attempts to change is Alsana, his wife. Constantly, Samad fights with her about their kids, about religion, about England; about her habits…it’s not appealing.  He would rather see her agree with all things that he says. Samad has portrayed a character of a firm traditionalist. He alleges lots of unscrupulous things to Alsana such as “stare at yourself, look how fatty you are, the state you are in!” he then grabbed her fresh, and then got loose of it as it was a plague. “Look at how you wear. A sari and running shoes, and what exactly is that?”

According to Smith “you are not even familiar with who you are, which part you originated. We don’t even see family members anymore and am actually embarrassed to show you off.” To boot, he attempts towards resolving his conflicts with his wife via hitting her. However, at least his wife hits him back, as we guess. Magid and Millat, Samad’s twin children, perceive these arguments hilarious. Particularly when their mother beats Samad. However, we actually don’t consider they are amusing. Another example of Samad’s overwhelming unhappiness is his behavior towards Alsana. Although Samad is pretty a talker, he is unable to completely express his rage, and thus he turns to using physical violence.

Magid and Millat get trapped with their father’s guilt over sexual indulgences. Samad’s dream showed him that he had stopped receiving women attention in the streets. Samad have a poor intellect of self-worth that compels him towards needing female attention similar to us needing Netflix. Consequently, when his son’s music teacher showed a little attention in him, Samad goes out as well as have an affair with her. At that moment, his guilt over the cheating makes him act crazy as well as rash; he kidnaps Magid, and then ships him to Bangladesh.

Following a school governor’s meeting, Samad documents his 13th complaint, frustrating each attendance, including his wife. He stresses that a Harvest Holiday be replaced by a Muslim holiday, however the motion was not passed. When the meeting was over, Samad stopped to chat with his son’s music teacher, Poppy. She applauses his sons then says that he completely supports his failed motion. They agree to meet so as to further discuss the motion. Towards his mortification, Samad is very attracted to Poppy such that he suffers from an erection. Archie’s arrival does little towards easing his growing sexual tension; when poppy leaved, Samad silently recaps his preferred sayings so as to stop his arousal.

At his stage, Smith takes us back towards the stories that are behind these sayings. Its 1976, immediately after Samad weds Alsana. Alsana is not interested sexually in him, so Samad enquires whether masturbation is okay from Alim at his home town mosque. The Alim gave him differing answers. In an attempt towards justifying masturbation, he suggests: “to the pure everything is pure” the Alim falls with laughter at the notion that any action or else man is pure, plus counsels him towards staying away from his right arm. Till 1980, Samad masturbates every night while resaying, “To the pure everything is pure.”

Samad character as a cheater is well portrayed when he sat with Millat in his car, waiting to take his kids to school with an intention of seeing Poppy. When Irie and Magid finally enter the car and have vowed, dresses in black, plus wearing armbands so as to protest the demise of Harvest Festivals. At school, he witnesses music class then later follows Poppy to her office. Samad lies about his son’s protest, alleging that it’s simply an Indian custom. When Poppy says that she greatly admires Indians especially their self-restraint, he leans onto the desk as well as passionately kisses her (Smith 167)

Samad cheating habits goes beyond extreme. Mad Mary follows him and Poppy. As Poppy turns around, Mad Mary confronts them, and she spits in his face, while yelling at him demanding him to convey to her the solution on behalf of oppression. Samad with composure talks to her, alleging that there is actually no solution, plus touches her seductively on her shoulder. Poppy and Samad then heads towards a park, and they decides to sleep there. As Poppy tries to take out a toothbrush which she had bought for Samad, while closing his eyes, he overhears: “To the pure everything is pure,” then “cannot allege reasonable than that.” After he opened his eyes, Samad saw Millat and Magid waving towards him, “with their white teeth cutting into 2 waxy apples.”


Without doubt, Samad is a cheater, cheater and wife beater as we have seen in numerous scenarios where he portrays his cheating habits and physical violence. When Millat and Magid caught their father with Poppy, Samad notices their white teeth cutting into 2 waxy apples.” Also, this is the final image within the story, thus giving it an additional weight. At this moment, Samad characterizes Eve, sampling the symbolic forbidden fruit that is represented via Poppy. Within an image which magnifies Samad’s misbehavior, Millat and Magid bite the apples, the same sign of original sin. Similar to Eve’s sin which gave rise to legacy of suffering, labor, as well as mortality towards children of human being, Samad’s example exposes his kids up for same wrongdoing. Amusingly, while this image a huge burden of obligation on Samad, also it partakes one away. Like every human being, Samad is a descendent from Eve; thus, he is prone to sin, as his son’s. Although Samad is a fictional character within this novel, indeed we may actually find numerous individuals in real life having this type of character archetype.